Unique Prints

A series of 35mm black & white images printed in the darkoom on 8 x 10" RC paper

unique print005
unique print001
unique print004
unique print003
unique print002


These prints were created in the darkroom by exposing each sheet of RC paper through the negatives and forcefully throwing a balled up paper towel soaked in black & white developer. My intention for the images was to obstruct familiar looking forms through the use of this selective developer application. By haphazardly applying developer I could create areas of no information juxtaposed against areas with dense information. This contrast of “nothing” and “something", and the organic shapes that were created through the unpredictable development process were what made the images compelling for me.

Since there is a strong element of chance in the creation of these prints, each print is completely unique and can never be recreated 1 to 1. Every throw of the paper towel creates different splashes and nothing is quite for certain.