YEAR: 2021

blue tide 青潮

A photobook of life & death, grief & growth



blue tide is a project I began shortly after arriving in Japan in the Fall of 2018. My family and I would visit our grandmother in our families hometown frequently. Her already going back and forth between the hospital and rehabilitation center due to her old age, I knew the possibility of her passing away during my time in Japan was high. So I took my camera along every trip and shot quietly for two years.

Ultimately upon her passing I was left with a body of photos that documented the last year of my grandmother's life. But sitting on the photos, and interrogating them further, I came to understand that over the course of the two years of making the book, I had also been documenting my growth, and the crystalization of my Japanese identity. This book is an expression of both.

While blue tide in its current form is a photobook, I hope to continue interrogating the central theme of identity and personal growth and evolve this project into one that is multidisciplinary in nature, exploring and abstracting what it means to know who we are and how that changes through our individual experiences. 

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